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What we do

We provide affordable and reliable cloud services for SMBs.
We help businesses to take advantage of existing cloud solutions to reduce operational costs and increase availability & security.

Cloud Integrations & Migrations

Using our vast experience we choose the best PaaS and select the most suitable IaaS providers for your business. Whenever you are not sure about what cloud provider to choose from, we will advise you based on your usage and business profile.

Cloud Architecture & Operations

We take care of the Infrastructure Design to provide you the technical adaptability and commercial elasticity for you to scale up and/or down on demand.

Deployment Automation & Support

We provide cloud automation services as well as ongoing support in production. Automation and orchestration allow you to optimise the efficiency of your cloud-based operations.

Case Study (2019-2020)

Genie Desktop - Cloud Migration into AWS

Genie Desktop is a Trusted Practice Management Software used by over 21,000 medical professionals in Australia and it is developed by Genie Solutions . Genie Desktop is a classic Client/Server architecture requiring installation of one server and multiple client applications. The drawback of this architecture is that you need an in-house server installation as well as regular monitoring & maintenance. Having an internal network to configure, secure & maintain requires a permanent IT employee or contractor.

On behalf of Dr Mihaela Lefter from Lefter Medical Practice, we have successfully migrated Genie Desktop application into the AWS Cloud. Some of the steps involved in the migration process:

FREE Pre-Quote: understanding the need for migration and customer expectations during & after migration.
FREE Quote: explaining the process, resources involved, costs & timeframe for solution delivery.
Demo meetings: customer being updated regularly on progress.
AWS Cloud Deployment (TEST): deploy the infrastructure design into the cloud for customer testing.
Customer Acceptance Testing: customer has the option to test the new platform, report issues and when satisfied the customer signs the Acceptance Test.
AWS Cloud Deployment (LIVE): the new solution is being deployed into production.
Ongoing support & monitoring for all cloud services (eg: compute, storage, security, backups, etc.) that are part of the delivered solution.

AWS Genie Desktop Network Diagram

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Cloud Expertise
Cloud Expertise

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We're helping businesses to take advantage of the cloud and to incrementally transition their infrastructure and/or applications into the cloud. We've completed multiple migrations & deployments into AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure.

Our Blog describes what we can do for your bussiness. A founding principle of cloud services is that you should only ever pay for what you use. We make sure this principle always applies to your business.

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If you need affordable cloud expertise in Brisbane, send us an email to or call us today at: 042 240 8382 to discuss your requirements or learn more about how cloud can help your business.

If you need affordable cloud expertise send us an email to or call us today at: 042 240 8382 to discuss your requirements or learn more about how cloud can help your business.